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Why We Love Books

So many books, so little time.

The library is here to help!

Books and reading keep our minds sharp and engaged. Without books, let’s face it, the world would be less interesting and a little less bright.

From juicy dramas to serious history, the library has books for everyone of all interests and ages.

Come on by the library to get your read on!

eBooks, Movies & More

All you need is a library card and you’re good to go!

OK Virtual Library has way more than just eBooks.

There is also a huge selection of audios, streaming movies and popular magazines. Since the library belongs to a whole group of other Oklahoma libraries, we can offer a wide range of genres and types of books, including ones from all the hot authors. Kids and Teens get their own virtual reading rooms.

Download and stream to your favorite eReader or mobile device until your heart’s content. There are no late fees and the virtual library is available 24/7. Get started with OK Virtual Library >

If you don’t have a library card, it’s time to drop by the library and get one.